Senza Gluten

An Italian restaurant that is 100% Gluten Free?!?! Sign me up! Located in the heart of Grenwich Village, Senza Gluten is an Italian restaurant that is perfect for celiacs. Their entire kitchen is gluten free, meaning there is no chance of contamination. Happy days! They offer Brunch, Lunch and Dinner, so many dishes to try. Here is a look at my brunch and dinner experience and the amazing food that was devoured quickly and completely. Continue reading


Black Tap

I remember the first time I saw the line up for the infamous Black Tap milkshakes. It was in the middle of Winter and I was walking home in Soho when I saw this large crowd of people all rugged up in coats, beanies and gloves. They were standing in a roped line that extended to the end of the block and continued around the corner for another half a block. I overheard people saying that it would be a two hour wait and I thought they must have been lining up for tickets or a show. The next day I noticed the line was still there and it was continually growing. Intrigued by the concept of people giving up hours of their day to line up in the freezing cold for something, I asked one of the line goers what they were waiting up for. Milkshakes. That’s right, a milkshake. Continue reading

12 Chairs cafe

12 Chairs started as a small cafe, which is where the name comes from, over ten years ago. They are located in Soho on MacDougal  St. and have now opened a second location in Brooklyn. Their menu consists of Middle Eastern and Eastern European dishes made up of locally sourced, fresh ingredients. Every dish has a homemade, freshly prepared quality and taste.

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I am hearing more and more that Aussies are taking over NY, so much so that there is an area known as “little Australia” aka Soho/Nolita. Strolling down Mulberry St, you will probably hear more Aussie accents than American. Though I did not move to the other side of the world to only spend my days in Australian bars, restaurants and cafes – I have to say, there is something nice about being around fellow Aussies who have ventured to the other side of the world to also give New York a go.

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Babu Ji

There was a lot of buzz about a charming new Indian restaurant Babu Ji in the East Village and I knew we had to check it out. After scoping out their website we considered booking a table online, but you can only do this to sample the tasting menu. Unfortunately not every dish offered is GF, so we walked in early and hopeful.

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The Smile….

Going somewhere for brunch is always such an important decision (I get crabby with disappointing food) and after hearing only good things about the food at The Smile I thought I had to try it out. I have only stopped here for a quick coffee and muffin so I was looking forward to trying a meal there. The restaurant is a cute, dark and cozy spot, perfect on a rainy or cold day.

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Boutiques, barbers, cute cafes and restaurants; Sullivan St in Soho has always been a favourite of mine. I enjoy it even more since stumbling across a little gem, Local. Local is a cute little cafe offering coffee and an array of GF options including sandwiches, wraps and cookies. Yummm cookies. Continue reading