Black Tap

I remember the first time I saw the line up for the infamous Black Tap milkshakes. It was in the middle of Winter and I was walking home in Soho when I saw this large crowd of people all rugged up in coats, beanies and gloves. They were standing in a roped line that extended to the end of the block and continued around the corner for another half a block. I overheard people saying that it would be a two hour wait and I thought they must have been lining up for tickets or a show. The next day I noticed the line was still there and it was continually growing. Intrigued by the concept of people giving up hours of their day to line up in the freezing cold for something, I asked one of the line goers what they were waiting up for. Milkshakes. That’s right, a milkshake.

I couldn’t believe people would line up for hours on end for a milkshake. It being Winter made it seem more proposterous. When I got home I did some research on these milkshakes (click here for some pics) and the first picture I saw was like a colourful piece of art in a glass. I asked my friends and room mates if they had heard of these Black Tap Milkshakes, and apparently I was late to the milkshake party, being one of the few people who had just discovered them.

Months went passed and despite the weather; snow, rain, wind, Black Tap continued to draw a long line. Walking home today there was still a massive line. One Thursday evening after a very long and exhausting week of work, my boyfriend and I decided to go out for a drink, which turned into 5, which turned into margaritas and Mexican food for dinner. The restaurant we had dinner in, is just around the corner from Black Tap. Waking passed we saw the unimaginable. No line!! In the months since Black Taps milkshakes shot to fame, I had never seen such calmness on this block. We knew that we HAD to get our butts in, we would never get this chance again. We confidently walked straight through the front door, only to be told we had to wait outside where the line began because they were at capacity. We considered just going home but were told that a few people were paying the cheque so it wouldn’t be a long wait. One of the servers actually came out and chatted with us while we waited. I asked our new friend if any of the shakes were or could be done gluten free, trying not to get my hopes up was very difficult. Excitement took over when he informed me they could do a couple of their shakes gluten free and that they also had a separate fryer for their fries to make sure their was no cross contamination.

We were in the door less then ten minutes later. After already drinking so much we decided it would be best to share one of these monster milkshakes. You know I just had to get a serving of their sweet potato fries as well, they had a separate GF fryer, it would be a crime not to right? I had to do it for the blog ha ha. Im not sure if it was because of the alcohol in my system but the sweet potato fries were some of the best I have ever had. Their own special sauce made them even better. If you do make it through the door and want something savoury before the decadent sugar bomb, definitely get some of these. If you’re in the mood for a burger, fear not celiacs – they also have Udi’s GF buns! Yippee!


Sweet Potato Fries with Special Sauce

Black Tap offer regular shakes but if you spend your afternoon waiting in that line, you would be missing out if you didn’t get one of the renowned sugar explosion shakes. There are four different styles to choose from; SWEET N’ SALTY, THE COOKIE, COTTON CANDY & SOUR POWER. Yes they are pricey at $15 each, and yes they are a woman’s recommended daily calorie intake, averaging around 1600 calories a pop, but look at them!!


Sweet N’ Salty done gluten free

We were told that they could do the sweet n’ salty or the cotton candy gluten free. Being the peanut butter addict that I am, sweet n’ salty was chosen without hesitation. Out came this frosted glass with M&M’s welded with chocolate, covering A large portion of the top of the glass. Sitting on top of peanut butter flavoured ice cream was a mound of whipped cream covered in; chocolate sauce, a few mini Reece’s peanut butter cups, and two sticks of taffy hanging out the sides. It was quite the sight. After taking a few pics, we couldn’t wait any longer, mouths watering, we dived in. It was sickeningly good. Salty peanut butter and chocolate are a match made in heaven and so is this milkshake.


Sweet N’ Salty done gluten free

We to very lucky to skip the hour long line and get in after bare any wait time and I am glad that we jumped at the chance. Maybe if I wasn’t celiac and got to experience the milkshake the way it was meant to be – they had to take out the huge frosted pretzel and the smaller salted pretzels, then maybe I would say to get your ass in the line now. But to be completely honest, would I wait in a line for two hours? I don’t think so.

Don’t get me wrong – it was bloody good and yes it definitely exceeded in hitting the sweet spot. I can now say that I have been and I have conquered the legendary Black Tap milkshake!


One thought on “Black Tap

  1. Caitlin | Twist of Cait says:

    Geez Louise, now that’s a milkshake!
    That’s like when Adelaide first got Krispy Kreme, there was a line up for about 2 weeks straight, would have easily been a 2 hour wait for donuts that have been around for years, albeit we have to go to Melbs to try them!

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