12 Chairs cafe

12 Chairs started as a small cafe, which is where the name comes from, over ten years ago. They are located in Soho on MacDougal  St. and have now opened a second location in Brooklyn. Their menu consists of Middle Eastern and Eastern European dishes made up of locally sourced, fresh ingredients. Every dish has a homemade, freshly prepared quality and taste.

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I am hearing more and more that Aussies are taking over NY, so much so that there is an area known as “little Australia” aka Soho/Nolita. Strolling down Mulberry St, you will probably hear more Aussie accents than American. Though I did not move to the other side of the world to only spend my days in Australian bars, restaurants and cafes – I have to say, there is something nice about being around fellow Aussies who have ventured to the other side of the world to also give New York a go.

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