Green Avo Smoothie

I was never the biggest fan of the green drinks that became the fad a couple years ago. My main issue with them is having to pay at least $10 to feel like I am drinking freshly cut grass. I’ve slowly worked my way into a different mindset and taught myself to enjoy them by experimenting with my own concoctions at home (some good and some not so much).

So what is the difference between a juice and a smoothie? A smoothie is the process of blending  together fruits and veg, keeping every part of the ingredients. Juicing is the process of extracting the juice from the fruit and veg and tossing away the left overs. I don’t think one is better than the other, they are both good for different reasons, it just depends what you feel like at the time. I find juices a good pick-me-up between meals and I crave them when I am sick and need a good hit of vitamins. Smoothies are definitely more filling as they have more fibre – which is discarded in the juicing process.

Personally I would find it difficult to replace a meal with just a juice, I prefer to have it with a meal or inbetween meals. Some people can and that’s great for them but I just need a little extra unless I am doing a cleanse (which I have only ever done twice in my life).

I’ve never been the biggest fan of breakfast. Even as a child it took me a while to wake up before eating. I still have days where I need a coffee or two before even considering eating – old habits die hard. I am getting better with the whole breakfast concept and if I have a big day ahead of me, I force it down with a healthy dose of caffeine. I know – it is the “most important meal of the day” and I notice when I do make myself eat first thing, I am hungry again quicker from my breaky starting my metabolism.

A smoothie was a great way to introduce breakfast to myself – a non breakfast eater. I enjoy this creamy and healthy, green, avo smoothie (which also goes down a treat on a hangover if you can handle the noise of the blender). It fills me up, gives me some greens, satisfies my sweet tooth while starting my metabolism in the morning.




  • 1/2 a banana
  • 1/4 or 1/2 avocado (depending on your taste)
  • 1/2 cup of frozen mango chunks
  • A handful of kale (or any leafy greens of your choice)
  • Almond milk (can be substituted with any milk, water, or coconut water for a delicious substitute and added electrolytes)



If I am really craving some sweeties I add a date or two, but if you want to keep the sugar content down keep opt for it without.

Enjoy your juicing or smoothie-ing!



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