When I heard that one of the owners of The Meatball Shop (which also has some gluten free options) opened a sea food restaurant in Soho called Seamore’s, I had to check it out. By now I have been here on a several occasions and each experience brings me back for more.

The space is open with some large windows making it bright and welcoming. In summer the outside area is perfect for relaxing while having a few drinks and a bite – can’t wait for summer! I had previously only been here for lunch, this was my first Seamore’s brunch. Their lunch menu has more gluten free options but there were still a few dishes to choose from; including the seared fish tacos, a couple of salads and the huevos rancheros. Side note – their lemonade is delicious! I prefer tart lemonade to the super sweet ones and this was the perfect amount of sweet and sour.

I normally love me some spicy food, but being hungover at the time, I decided to go with something that would be a little more gentle on my stomach. Someone beside me ordered the kale and avocado salad, it looked so delicious, I was sold (weird to want salad when hungover – I know). They normally have three different catches of the day on the specials board from which you can choose  and add a fillet to your meal for extra protein. Not being quite the fish connoisseur (I only started eating seafood a few years ago), I could refer to their large black board of fish knowledge to help me choose a mild, fleshy white fish.  Don’t worry if you leave your glasses at home or are seated where you can’t see the informational board –  the servers will know what fish compliments your order and can help you out with a suggestion to suit your taste.

The salad came out and was thankfully the perfect size (something that always worries me when ordering a salad – will it be enough?). The fillet size is always different, I have had beautiful big ones and smaller ones where I could’ve done with another, I guess it all depends on the size of the fish you order. The menu says it comes with quinoa but mine didn’t which I only just realized now ha ha, obviously it didnt bother me too much as it was still satisfying the way it came out. A large base of fresh kale, at least half of a large avocado (yay), crisp red apple slices, diced walnuts, sweet potato chunks and a medium sized fish fillet. All dressed with a honey, apple vinaigrette.

seamores edited

This salad was scrumptious. Every ingredient was fresh, full of flavour and complimented each other – leaving me more satisfied then if I ate double of something that was less tasty. Surprisingly, eating something this healthy when hungover really helped perk me up (maybe I should do this more often instead of giving into my cravings for crappy hangover food). The only thing that I wish was different about this place is their coffee. They do serve drip coffee but I am an espresso and latte loving gal, and there are plenty of places around here to get a good espresso based coffee. Having said that, I come here for the good food and I will be back again for more.

  • GF Bread – No
  • Location – 390 Broome St, Soho
  • Coffee – Depends if you like drip or not
  • Website – Seamore’s

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