Normally I discover GF restaurants through friends or Instagram, but I stumbled upon Wild through my investigation into underwear. Yes, that right – underwear.

I am sure you have seen the advertisements or heard about the underwear THINX? If you haven’t – THINX are a new type of underwear created for women specifically for that time of the month. While I was investigating these I came across an article about Miki Agrawal who is the brains behind this new concept. Turns out she is also behind a farm to table, gluten free restaurant called Wild. Even better, it is located here in New York City with one of their locations in the West Village, not far from me.

Wild’s whole concept is based on offering the best version of the traditional pizza: made with organic, gluten free flours and tomato sauces, with hormone free cheeses and meats. So where does my lucky my non celiac, gluten eating boyfriend get to go on his birthday?! Just showing him pictures of the food on their website was enough to convince him and get his mouth watering.

It was a mild day so we were able to sit outside the restaurant and enjoy the fresh air. I can’t wait for summer and the outside eating and drinking. Wild’s whole menu is gluten free, although their website says that their seasonal raviolis are not and are prepared in a different kitchen, keeping  their kitchen safe from contamination.

As a starter, I could not go passed the bruschetta. Bruschetta is something that I frequently miss, and still think about, so I was sold quickly on that one. We went with the trio so we didn’t have to choose between them, this included the classic, tomato and basil, mushroom and mozzarella, and prosciutto. I was expecting them to come out on a thick crusty bread (one can dream right?), so I was slightly disappointed when I realized it came on regular sliced GF bread. My disappointment was short lived and disappeared as soon as I had my first bite and the fresh flavours took over. The classic bruschetta was definitely the best, the tomatoes were perfection. Its amazing the difference fresh and organic ingredients make. My parents grow their own organic produce and I strongly believe that fresh picked, organic tomatoes always taste a million times better than store bought ones.

Bruschetta edited

All their pizza bases are made that morning with a gluten free and vegan crust. The bases are more like a flat bread than the traditional American pizza base, which I really enjoy because I prefer a thin, crispy base. Our waiter informed us that Wild had just been voted best GF pizza in NYC, so my boyfriend and I decided to share two. I love when he also orders something GF so I can try more food! I chose the spinach and artichoke pizza with goats cheese (mmmm cheese) and Chris was more adventurous choosing the pear and gorgonzola with raspberry coulis. A quick note, the online menu is slightly different to the one we chose from at the restaurant – online it  says mine also comes with bacon, and his with figs, but they both came without and were still extremely tasty.

pizza edited

Both pizzas were full of flavor and were devoured quickly (after taking pics to share with you guys first of course). I preferred mine and he preferred his, so for once it worked out well and there was no food envy there. The bases are deliciously thin and crispy, and they taste amazing – they don’t taste gluten free. The pizzas are small enough to eat completely by yourself without feeling guilty or gluttonous, but large enough to fill you up and leave you satisfied.

The staff were extremely friendly, had us laughing and wanting to come back soon. All in all a great experience and we are both looking forward to returning to try more dishes.

Thanks Wild for the amazing GF food, its not everyday I can order everything on the menu. YAY!

  • GF Bread – Yes, and much more GF
  • Location – 535 Hudson St, West Village
  • Coffee – Not sure, but they have delicious, fresh lemonade.
  • Website – http://eatdrinkwild.com/

2 thoughts on “Wild.

  1. Celiac & The City says:

    Thanks Mate!
    You will have to come and visit us here soon so you can see how yummy everything is! Thanks for the comment about the writing, I’m quite out of practice and still getting used to it all, but having fun!


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