Normally I discover GF restaurants through friends or Instagram, but I stumbled upon Wild through my investigation into underwear. Yes, that right – underwear. Continue reading



Boutiques, barbers, cute cafes and restaurants; Sullivan St in Soho has always been a favourite of mine. I enjoy it even more since stumbling across a little gem, Local. Local is a cute little cafe offering coffee and an array of GF options including sandwiches, wraps and cookies. Yummm cookies. Continue reading

Why gluten free?


Going gluten free was not something I decided for myself, but instead it was forced upon me. I knew the dreaded celiac diagnosis was coming when I started developing symptoms in my early twenties, around the same time my sister and relatives started to react to gluten as well. Thankfully we live in a day and age where going Gluten free isn’t a challenge. There is now an abundance of food for celiacs and new gluten free products are continually being made available – you just have to know where to look and what to look for. Gluten free seems to be the newest fad in food after Kale but before I delve into all the amazingly delicious GF food available in NYC I want to share my celiac story with you and answer some questions I am regularly asked about celiac disease and gluten. There are many misconceptions about celiac disease. I get asked constantly; “so you can’t eat carbs?” normally paired with a smug “yeah right” smile or roll of the eyes. Yes I can eat carbs!!! I love carbs!! Continue reading